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Recital Style:

Over the years, I have come to lean more towards performing modern repertoire for the flute than the standard pieces. While audiences are sometimes suspicious of unfamiliar works by composers who are (::gasp::) still living, the reception of these pieces has actually been more positive than the standard literature.

Modern flute music is thriving these days, with wonderful new repertoire being written for it each year, and as a performer, I prefer to bring the music of our time to audiences. These pieces explore new sounds and techniques for the flute, which, while they sound "modern" and exciting, are often techniques that have been around for thousands of years in other cultures. Today, composers are bringing in influences from all over the world, which offer a far broader musical palette than has ever been available before.


Graduate Recital:

Click the link below for a .pdf version of my graduate recital program (my favorite recital so far!).

Five Composers, Five Continents (program)

Five Composers, Five Continents (program notes)


Flute Alone Performances:

Below is a sampling of some of the pieces that I like to perform and which have been popular with audiences in the past.

Shirish Korde, Tenderness of Cranes
     Built around a literal transcription of a Japanese shakuhachi flute melody.

Helen Fisher, Te Tangi A Te Matui
     A New Zealand piece which requires the performer to sing a karakia or incantation in Maori.

Wil Ofermans, Honami
     Based on Japanese shakuhachi influences.

Robert Dick, Fish Are Jumping
     Contains influences from American musical traditions such as jazz and rock and roll.

Robert Aiken, Icicle
     Called because the glistening timbre of the unusual sounds the flutist creates resemble the pure transparency of ice.

Ian Clarke, The Great Train Race
     Think the flute can't sound like a train? Think again!


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