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In this section of my website, I've put together a few things that have interested me over the years.

  • Intro to Classical music - A lot of people think that classical music means Mozart and Bach, but the name is just a catchall term for a huge genre of music that has something everyone will like.

  • Intro to Anime and Video Game music - One of the most misunderstood and underappreciated genres of music out there, few people other than gamers or those who watch these shows know about this music.

  • Best Soundtracks - One of the things that bugs me about the classical music world is the still-lingering snobbery about movie music being second-rate music. It isn't, and these soundtracks prove it.

  • Quotes - They said what?! I've always liked a good quote, so here's some of my favorite witty, wacky, and wise sayings, both musical and otherwise.

  • Treerose, my Tchaikovsky-singing cockatiel - If you're a flutist who has received (and possibly forwarded) a video of a grey parrot singing the Tchaik piccolo excerpt, you've seen my cockatiel. :) Watch the video and read the story behind the feathered phenomenon.


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